My Priorities

★ Invest in Academic Outcomes for all Oakland Students

  • Make sure that funding goes to schools and isn’t misspent at the central office.
  • Stabilize curriculum to allow teachers to attain mastery, and to allow academic continuity for students.
  • Focus academic resources on schools serving our highest-needs students.

★ Fully-Fund our Community Schools to Support Students and Families 

  • Conduct a needs assessment at every school that is led by parents, families, students and staff.
  • Set up community accountability structures to ensure the $66 million in community schools grants that OUSD has received from the State of California reaches our classrooms.
  • Stop school closures, and rescind the closures from last Spring.


★ Build Trust Through Engagement Between the School Board and the Community

  • Engage in active listening with community members outside of school board meetings in spaces that are comfortable and convenient for them, including office hours, meetings at schools, and town halls.
  • Publish school board agendas at least a week in advance of meetings to allow time for board members to authentically engage community stakeholders prior to decisions being made.
  • Understand that anger expressed by the community at school board meetings is a sign that the board is failing to adequately engage in a meaningful way, and stop to listen rather than move into closed session to avoid community voices.